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PS Now. Lessons from the Godfather of Cloud Gaming.


  • PlayStation Now (PS Now) is Sony’s cloud gaming platform launched in 2014.
  • In this article we delve into why PS Now appears to be on the back foot to Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud, even though it has been around for eight years.
  • The acquisitions of Gaikai and OnLive shed light on the history of PS Now, and give us an insight into the challenges early on.
  • A look into Sony’s financial accounts offer an insight into how management view the future, and their plans for the next five years of cloud gaming.
  • In our final paragraph we calculate an estimate on how much Sony has spent on cloud gaming, and its revenues each year.

PS Now is Playstation’s cloud gaming platform. Launched in 2014 it is one of the oldest of such offerings and, remarkably, quite under the radar recently with the launch of Stadia and the announcement of Project xCloud.

This article will look at PS Now’s history and, using the recent Sony Full Year Annual accounts, review its challenges, successes, and Sony’s vision for the future of the platform.

Business & Economics

Why are publishers pulling their games from Nvidia Geforce Now?

.. and what does this tell us about the future of Cloud Gaming?


  • Publishers are pulling their games from Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform Geforce Now.
  • The reasons why are complicated, we break it down in this post.
  • Gamers have expressed both their confusion and their (sometimes) heated views on this situation widely across the internet.
  • We discuss how this could be a defining moment for cloud gaming and its future.

In 2017 Nvidia announced their Mac and PC based cloud gaming platform, Geforce Now.


Project xCloud Server Blade Analysis


Microsoft recently granted the world a sneak-peek into one of the server blades powering its highly-anticipated Project xCloud service during their Game Stack Live stream last month. Cramming 8 Xboxes into a 2U server is no mean feat, so we thought we’d see what we could glean from the short video.

Project xCloud server blade CAD model.
Project xCloud server blade CAD model. Click to enlarge.