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Video Game middleware – the big opportunity

In this post we explore the notable and current business opportunities for Video Games middleware, and provide a teaser for what we are working on here at Fragwire.


  • There are emerging opportunities in producing middleware due to a paradigm shift in how games are made and played, resulting predominantly from the rise of cloud gaming as a credible alternative to traditional platforms.
  • Going forward, with games moving into the cloud, developers will face a new unique set of challenges in reducing latency (‘lag’) for the players, and also making best use of cloud technology to realise their creative ambitions.
  • We recognise cloud infrastructure is not quite there yet, but that there is a space in the market for middleware to take it to the next level.
  • We are creating a hybrid framework, which utilises the power of a local computer (or device) alongside the cloud, to allow game developers to take on larger workloads and better achieve their creative ambitions. We are also researching the capability to intelligently predict latency (‘lag’) spikes and adjust the games’ outputs to ensure a seamless experience for the end user.

This post will describe middleware, what it means in game development, and some examples of popular and niche middleware currently in the market. We will then explain the business opportunity before teasing what Fragwire is working on.